expertise in printing, honed over 130 years

At Hennegan, excellence is a given and innovation is mandatory.

In the extremely competitive and ever changing business environment, marketing communications cannot remain static. In order for companies to lead & grow, there must be consistent change and innovation by way of new ideas, new energy and new techniques.

To that end, Hennegan’s expertise in printing, honed over 130 years, has been incorporated with value added marketing solutions that provide clients with record breaking multi-channel automated marketing campaigns.

While choosing to invest in innovation and the widening communication needs of our clients, we never lost focus on achieving operational excellence, leading customer service and superior product quality.

We believe in the craftsmanship of our work, the human factor, and social responsibility.

Hennegan's foundation is built on four major pillars:

Color Science

Color Science

We are the leader in color science, constantly exploring ways to further enhance color & detail in any medium or substrate imaginable. We print with more detail and a wider color gamut than our competition, not because we have to, but because it presents your product in the best light -- in the most creative & effective manner in the marketplace.

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We strive to meet all of your needs under one roof by creatively leveraging a multitude of printing and manufacturing tools resulting in a truly unique market leading end product. With a plethora of printing platforms, prep, finishing and fulfillment capabilities, we will design a production plan that provides the most impactful product in the most efficient manner possible.

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Marketing  Solutions

Marketing Solutions

We use innovation & data driven technology to enhance our client’s communications, increase productivity while maximizing the impact of your marketing campaigns. With 1-to-1 marketing, multi-channel and automated marketing expertise, we can provide you with campaigns that fully leverage your data to ensure you are targeting the right person in the right channels at the right time to optimize sales and ROI.

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Socially  Conscientious

Socially Conscientious

We operate in a socially responsible manner constantly exploring ways to contribute to our stakeholders and community while also protecting the environment. With RRD, we are the safety leader in the industry, while also protecting the environment through efforts to reuse, reduce and recycle as much as possible in our customized manufacturing process. Our long term strategy and short term actions are driven by these core principles that each and every employee shares.

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Over the 130 years, we have served the advertising, automotive, CPG, cosmetic, fashion, financial, graphic design, pharmaceutical, and promotion industries.

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