How To Upload a File Using FTP

What is FTP

FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol” and is a method of transfering files over the Internet. FTP can handle large file sizes and is preferred over e-mail for receiving files electronically.

Connecting to our Server

There is limited ftp support in Internet Browsers (Safari, Explorer, etc) so we recommend using a FTP client. There are a number of products on the market that work very well and fit a number of budgets. We highly recommend using the following:
Macintosh Users: Fetch (
PC Users: WS_FTP Professional (

File Compression

Although FTP can handle large files, to limit file corruption as it passes across networks please compress your files with a program such Stuffit or WinZip. Several small uploads are better than one massive upload if issues during transmission should occur. Files from Hennegan will be compressed using Stuffit unless otherwise requested.

File Location

Once connected to the server, you will have access to two folders:
Hennegan_IN : Customer files being sent to Hennegan
Hennegan_OUT : Hennegan files being sent to Customers

If you have several files, please create a folder within the Hennegan_IN folder to upload your files. Please use a descriptive name as to what job they belong to.

To Connect to Site

Use the username and password provided by your CSR.

If You Have Questions or Problems

Contact your CSR, Prepress (859-282-3600 x 3215) or the Prepress Systems Administrator (859-538-3014).

(859) 282-3600