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Close Encounters of the Third Kind...Special Effects

Close Encounters of the Third Kind...Special Effects

Close encounters…used to describe encounters involving increasing degrees of complexity and apparent exposure to aliens with the first being a mere sighting and the fourth being abduction.


Hennegan’s objective with Special Effects is to bring your customer closer to an encounter with your product to abduct your customer to purchase per se….In today’s cluttered marketplace, it is all about breaking through…about driving awareness.  You need to develop the most impactful message in the most efficient manner possible, and at Hennegan, we have been doing this for years. 

Our objective with Special Effects is to enhance your creativity to further drive the impact of your communication piece. It is a collaborative effort where we share a full range of options from a plethora of creative tools and techniques.  These ground breaking alternatives include a variety of screening techniques, substrates, inks, and finishes.  Additionally, you can create a synergistic effect by mixing a combination of these techniques which is only encumbered by the limits of your imagination. The result is unequalled artistry tailored to exceed your expectations all within your creative budget.

Hennegan has a plethora of special effects but we will highlight 3 cutting edge techniques that can drive incremental sales: Heavy Metal, True Grit and Velvet Feel.

Finks – Fluorescent Inks


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Sunday, 29 March 2020

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