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Finks – Fluorescent Inks

Finks – Fluorescent Inks

Fluorescents are hot. Much brighter and more impactful than traditional colors. In fact kids prefer fluorescent colors significantly over the more traditional hues. In a recent study conducted by DayGlo, which manufacturer’s fluorescent pigments, it was found children prefer neon colors by 4-to-1 over conventional colors (test conducted by Xavier University).

Demand for these colors has definitely gone up, “said Keith Leach, Reebok’s director of NHL merchandising. “Ultra-bright colors have become far more prevalent in recent years, because fabric and dye technology has vastly improved.” (Why Neon is taking over the World by David Goldman).

Fluorescent colors appear brighter to the naked eye, because they use a larger amount of both the visible spectrum and the lower wavelengths compared to conventional colors. Where a clear, bright conventional color is able to reflect a maximum of 90% of a color in the spectrum, a fluorescent color can reflect as much as 200% to 300% (DayGlo-The Theory of Color).

This trend is definitely carrying over to ink on paper. Multiple paper manufacturers have recently introduced promotional materials, highlighting fluorescent inks. Because they can increase luminosity especially on uncoated paper… on uncoated stock, these vivid colors can be added and still maintain the richness and fidelity of an image.
However, the talent and experience of a printer is critical in making fluorescent inks work for you. Finding the right printer is well worth the effort, because fluorescent pigments add a degree of brilliance and impact to any subject matter…translating your message into a more impactful and effective marketing campaign and in turn driving higher sales.

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