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Hennegan Environmental Performance

We believe climate change is real and partly the result of human activity. Further, there are no quick fixes … all of us need to address the serious work of reducing both greenhouse gases and all forms of waste. At Hennegan, our attention has been focused on achieving greater sustainability by improving the performance of our operations, practices and procedures. Our efforts start with reduce, recycle and reuse. Transparency is key and we encourage 3rd party certification to ensure our efforts are truly incremental.

Programs undertaken to help preserve the environment

We are tri-certified for chain of custody sustainable paper including: FSC, SFI and PEFC. We are one of the top printers with paper that includes PCW (Post-Consumer Waste) and we print on uncoated paper with up to 100% PCW. We use Soy based inks and switched to low VOC inks which reduced our VOC levels dramatically.

Recycling Programs

Hennegan recycles a multitude of items including: aluminum plates, plant paper, used ink, spent solvent, waste oil, computers & other electronic equipment, and more. We strongly recommend using recycled materials to our clients as they plan a project.

The Future

We will continue to look at ways to further enhance our environmental performance. We are testing printing on “tree free” paper (i.e. straw and limestone). RR Donnelley recently started working with Canopy which is a non-profit that is working to protect boreal forest.

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