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Hennegan Launches Blog -- Eyemax

Hennegan is sponsoring “ Eyemax “ a open forum for the graphic communications community and all of its players – designers, print buyers, marketers, printers, lettershops and many more to discuss developments, problems, issues, and opportunities in the graphic communications industry.

The objective of “Eyemax” is for members of the graphic communications arena to exchange ideas, have an open dialogue – to provide “Purls of Wisdom” on communicating more effectively and efficiently in the marketplace.

Other blogs provide a voice specifically for designers, marketers, etc. The objective of Eyemax is to provide a voice at the intersection of design, marketing, and printing. Discussion threads are expected on topics such as: new technology, problem solving, and color, protecting the environment, and much, much more.

A sampling of the sites features will include:

> Purls of Wisdom-- Features written by a number of industry contributors
Highlighting new developments and events in the graphic communications industry
> Techniques and Tools – new techniques and developments in the marketplace (e.g.
new substrates, new color techniques, workflow advancements, etc.)
> Trade Secrets– a section where visitors can register and post tricks of the trade
to help others with challenges, problems, and just overall creativity.
> Eye on the Environment --Information and tools that will inspire environmentally
conscious activity in the workplace and at home.

As the site sponsor, Hennegan wants to encourage dialogue amongst all of the participants in the graphic communications industry. “Currently, there is not a discussion forum for the intersection of creativity and its execution – from the conception of the idea to the delivering of the message all the way to the end consumer” said Clint Humphrey President of Hennegan.

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Saturday, 28 March 2020

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